1.Professional Technical Support

We have a professional technical team, can design a new type of bicycle frame for you, and the most reasonable configuration scheme.

2. Quick Response

A team of sales professionals will be responsible for aiding and responding to all inquiries within a time frame of 12 hours or less. 

3. After-sale Service

All our products are provided with warranty service, and a professional after-sales team to follow up, starting from the order, the order process can be visualized, you can see and check the order dynamics at any time.

4. Sample Service

For our product, we can provide the sample service, only once you are happy with the concept will we manufacture samples for your inspection.

5.Quality Inspection service

All our orders will be inspected by professional quality inspectors before shipment. 

6. Help in other ways

Looking beyond this, we can help will all aspects of retailing your new product lines, with everything from point of sale and photography to catalogues websites and online marketing.

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